K-MINE Module

Drill & Blast Design

  • for mining engineers and experts specializing in D&B design for open-pit mining operations.
  • for other professionals responsible for D&B hole planning, hole charging, wiring-up, explosion hazard area design, and D&B permits.
Drill & Blast Design 1

Blocks for Blasting Operation

You can design blocks of any configuration or complexity for blasting operations.

Thanks to the the module’s flexible functionality, hole patterns can be designed in several ways: by filling in the design area, and by creating groups of holes row by row, or single holes.

Drill & Blast Design 2

Holes Visualization

The Drill & Blast Design module provides options for visualizing holes and their elements.

Visually rich data is often better perceived, which minimizes the possibility of errors.

Drill & Blast Design 3

Geological Data

This module is preconfigured to ensure geology is a driving factor when selecting a hole pattern for specific conditions.

Wireframes of various rock types are used to assign geological data.

Drill & Blast Design 4

Data Storage

With K-MINE, you can store a large amount of information in just one .odf file.

The portfolio of D&B projects can represent an array of data collected and updated over time.

Historical data can be useful for exploring the cause-and-effect relationship between a D&B project and its blasting results.

Automate Data Exchange
with the Drilling Rigs

This module automatically exchanges data withdrilling rigs in an open pit.

When the design is ready, it can be sent directly to the drilling rig, and the information about the rig’s location can be sent to the PC of the engineer or the D&B manager.

Lots of Custom Parameters

Numerous settings in the K-MINE Drill & Blast Design module will meet all your needs.

The module offers a variety of options to achieve your targets, depending on the results you aim to achieve.

Borehole Charge Settings

In addition, you can configure the borehole charge settings to calculate the volume of each type of explosive.

The visualization can serve as an integral part of the D&B passport, depending on in-house requirements.

Automatic Estimation of
Explosion Hazard Zones

The K-MINE Drill & Blast Design module automatically estimates explosion hazard zones, which are divided into two categories: zones hazardous to equipment and zones hazardous to people.

Drill & Blast Design 5

Wiring-up Design and More

The K-MINE Drill & Blast Design module offers a simple and straightforward wiring-up design.

The module’s functionality also includes electronic detonators and explosion simulations, along with initiation failure calculations.

Printout View Settings

In K-MINE, you can customize the printout view settings.

Using preconfigured templates, you can promptly issue D&B passports for approval or for long-term storage.

Operational Data Calculation and Display

With the Drill & Blast Design module, you can automatically calculate and display a variety of operational data in any format you need, including block parameters, burden, spacing, block volumes, and more.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What kind of licenses does K-MINE provide and how much do they cost?

    K-MINE offers two types of licenses: monthly or annual subscriptions and perpetual licenses. Please contact the K-MINE team to learn about the pricing for each module.

    How can information be transferred from one module to another?

    K-MINE is a standalone application with a single database, so no data transfer is necessary. Different teams can access data according to their user rights.

    Is K-MINE cloud-based software?

    No, K-MINE is a desktop application. However, upon request, our team can install it on a Windows server and set up a cloud infrastructure.