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where we ensure efficient extraction and processing of minerals. Our commitment to operational excellence and sustainability sets us apart, maximizing your return on investment while prioritizing safety and environmental stewardship.

Production Stage 1

How K-MINE helps during

Production Stage

Production Stage 2Control of volumes of minerals and overburden
Production Stage 2Control and reduction of transportation costs
Production Stage 2Optimization of the final position of the open pit/mine
Production Stage 2Creation of operational working documentation
Production Stage 2Ensuring the safety of mining operations
Production Stage 2Control of the correctness of the implementation of mine workings

At the production stage, the main thing is to control the safe and efficient extraction of minerals.

Also very important is the ability to quickly respond to changes in technological or economic indicators and adapt processes to this.
K-Mine software can ensure the speed and security of processing data from a mining enterprise to ensure efficient operation.

K-MINE is a stand-alone application that covers most operational needs in the mining industry. Leveraging capabilities such as 3D modeling, resource estimation, and equipment management, K-MINE is widely used by companies of different sizes for open pit and underground mining. Over 5,000 surveyors, geologists, mining engineers, designers, and technicians leverage K-MINE modules and their solutions on a daily basis.

Production Services

We also provide consulting services for Production and many of our experts are leaders in their fields.

Mining Consulting
  • Technical Audit: Our experienced team of competent persons conducts rigorous audits of previous stages, ensuring the integrity and robustness of your mining project.
  • Mine Reconstructing:Expertise in reconstructing open pits, mines, dumps, and warehouses to meet modern standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Project Refinement:Proactive correction and refinement of existing projects, incorporating the latest technological advancements.
  • Production Process Optimization: Enhance efficiency across various production processes including transport systems, loading operations, and drilling and blasting.
  • Equipment Selection and Optimization:Informed selection and fine-tuning of mining equipment to ensure optimal productivity.
  • Mining Operations Management:Expert management of mining operations, emphasizing safety, compliance, and efficiency.
  • Loss Reduction:Strategic interventions to minimize losses through predictive analysis and real-time monitoring.
Production and Operations Management
  • Mining Operations Planning:strong> Develop detailed plans for mining operations, integrating resources and schedules for maximum yield.
  • Scheduling Optimization:strong>Create or optimize mining schedules for enhanced productivity and resource allocation.
  • Resource Management and Quality Control: Implement systems for resource management, and maintain the highest standards of quality control.
Implementation of Dispatching and IoT
  • Control System Automation: Integrate cutting-edge automation into control systems for improved decision-making and responsiveness.
  • IoT and Sensor Technologies: Leverage sensors and IoT technologies for real-time monitoring and control of mining parameters and operations.
  • Data Analytics and Optimization: Employ data analytics to garner insights, optimize operations, and predict trends.
Geological and Geotechnical Services
  • Geological Modeling: Create and update sophisticated geological models of mining fields.
  • Resource Assessment: Conduct comprehensive assessments of mining resources, considering geological and market factors.
  • Mining Forecasting: Develop Create predictive models for mining operations, enabling agile and informed decision-making.
  • Stability Analysis: Analyze the stability of pit walls, dumps, and other structures, ensuring safety and compliance.
Development of Operational Working Documentation Develop comprehensive operational documentation for all technological processes, ensuring clarity, compliance, and operational excellence.
Production Stage 8

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