K-MINE Module

Safety Assessment

  • for specialists of surveying and mine design departments
Safety Assessment 1

Slope Angles Control

With the mining geometry functions in the Safety Assessment module, you can analyze bench and wall angles based on the selected parameters to respond promptly to any deviations and mitigate potential risks.

Safety Assessment 2

Transport Communications Control

Transport communications control helps enterprises to ensure operational safety.

Using the variety of tasks, you can automatically identify sections with deviations from the required road width, gradient, and U-turn radius parameters.

Safety Assessment 3

Estimation of Developed and Blocked-Out Reserves, Active and Total Fronts

The analysis of developed and blocked-out reserves is essential for the understanding of your mining development priorities.

Our automatic processes create boundaries from the selected parameters and estimate reserves in just a few clicks.

Safety Assessment 4

Calculation of the Remaining Blasted Rock

This solution calculates the total amount of the remaining blasted rock in an open pit broken down by levels.

With this data at hand, you can recover more mineral resources and improve your D&B planning efficiency.

Safety Assessment 5

Stability Analysis of Open Pit/Dump Walls + Benches,
Rock Mass Stability Assessment

This solution analyzes the stability of open pit/dump walls and benches to identify unstable sections, respond to potential consequences, and determine the optimal slope angle for the stable position of the rock mass.


With our flexible and configurable Editor, you can customize your reports to comply with any requirements.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of licenses does K-MINE provide and how much are they?

K-MINE provides two types of licenses monthly or annual subscriptions and perpetual licenses. Please contact the K-MINE team to learn each module’s price.

How can the information be transferred from one module to another?

K-MINE is one stand-alone application with a single database, so no data transfer is necessary.  Different teams can have access to data according to their user rights.

Is K-MINE a cloud-based software?

No, K-MINE is a desktop application, however, upon request, our team can install access on the Windows server where we can set up a cloud infrastructure.