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Development Stage 1

How K-MINE helps during

Development Stage

Development Stage 2Detailed design and engineering
Development Stage 2Development of detailed plans and specifications for the mining operation (mine design, plant design, infrastructure etc)
Development Stage 2Development of construction stage which includes building the mine infrastructure, such as roads, processing plants, power supplies, and accommodations for the workforce
Development Stage 2Planning of mining operations: strategic, calendar, operational
Development Stage 2Calculation of the stability of the pit walls and dump tiers, etc.

The development stage is characterized by a wide variety of technological operations.

K-Mine can fully cover the needs of the user at this stage. You can easily and correctly implement any projects of your mining enterprise.

K-MINE is a stand-alone application that covers most operational needs in the mining industry. Leveraging capabilities such as 3D modeling, resource estimation, and equipment management, K-MINE is widely used by companies of different sizes for open pit and underground mining. Over 5,000 surveyors, geologists, mining engineers, designers, and technicians leverage K-MINE modules and their solutions on a daily basis.

Development Services

We also provide consulting services for Pre-feasibility and
Feasibility Studies and many of our experts are leaders in their fields.

Audit of Previous Stages
  • Review prior stages of the project, identifying gaps and opportunities by experienced team.
  • Verify geological models, resource estimates, and prior technical reports by Qualified Persons.
Detailed Engineering and Design
  • Develop rock mechanics analysis for optimal drilling and blasting operations.
  • Design deposit opening with selection of mining methods.
  • Develop mining sequences and production scheduling.
  • Create excavation and loading workflow designs using cutting-edge technology.
  • Optimize Open Pit and Underground transport systems, including haulage routes and materials handling systems.
  • Conduct geotechnical analysis for pit wall stability.
  • Develop processing facilities layout and flow sheet design.
  • Design infrastructure including utilities, workshops, and accommodation.
Open Pit Optimization
  • Use advanced software tools for geometric optimization of pit configuration.
  • Enhance haulage and transport system efficiency.
  • Maximize Net Present Value (NPV) through strategic scheduling.
  • Develop pit phasing and cut-backs strategy for operational efficiency
Underground Optimization
  • Analyze and optimize stope and development design considering geological and geotechnical constraints.
  • Optimize ventilation and backfill systems.
  • Design and optimize ground support systems.
  • Develop extraction sequences to minimize dilution and maximize ore recovery.
Mine Planning
  • Develop Life of Mine (LoM) planning integrating resources, reserves, and economic factors.
  • Create short-term and long-term schedules with consideration of production targets and equipment constraints.
  • Implement real-time adjustments to operational plans for agile decision-making.
Permitting and Approvals
  • Secure permits, licenses, and approvals from governmental and regulatory bodies.
  • Develop Environmental Management Plans and ensure adherence to health and safety standards.
Construction and Site Preparation
  • Engineer utility systems including water supply, power distribution, and communications infrastructure.
  • Manage construction for buildings, processing plants, and storage facilities.
Commissioning and Testing
  • Conduct rigorous testing and validation of systems and equipment.
  • Develop documentation and training programs for operations staff.
Risk Management
  • Assess and manage geotechnical, environmental, and market risks.
  • Develop contingency plans and emergency response protocols.
Financial Planning
  • Create detailed budgeting and financial modeling.
  • Assess financing options and conduct cash flow analysis.
  • Perform sensitivity analysis of key financial parameters.
Development Stage 7

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