K-MINE Module

Open Pit Design

  • for mining engineers and experts in open-pit mining design and planning.
  • for other professionals responsible for mining design.
K-MINE Open Pit Design Module: Streamlined Solutions for Mining Engineers 1

Bench Stack Design

K-MINE supports designing both single benches and bench stacks (or their elements).

Benches can be created in any direction from the initial crest/toe. In one case, the result will be an open pit; in the other case, a dump.

K-MINE Open Pit Design Module: Streamlined Solutions for Mining Engineers 2

Line Design by Cross Section

K-MINE automatically creates lines using preconfigured templates. If several lines combined in a pit /dump wall profile are used, the profile will be created automatically.

This tool is useful for creating communication lines, trenches, roads, etc.

K-MINE Open Pit Design Module: Streamlined Solutions for Mining Engineers 3

3D Creation of Sections

K-MINE supports several options to display data as sections. A 3D section is one of them. This option immediately provides a clear picture of the elements you want to see.

Displaying data as sections is a versatile tool perfect for quick analysis of different types of data.

K-MINE Open Pit Design Module: Streamlined Solutions for Mining Engineers 4

2D Creation of Sections

K-MINE also supports the display of data as 2D sections. This is a traditional type of data display for a quick and clear representation of elements for analysis or printing.

Motor (and other) road profiles are an integral part of K-MINE section functions.

Using profiles, you can promptly determine the deviation of the actual road from the design, analyze, make a decision, and request corrections, if needed.

Calculate Volumes by Block Model

K-MINE offers a variety of options to calculate excavated/backfilled rock volumes, including calculation of volumes between surfaces, in a closed shape (wireframe), by the vertical sections method, by area, by block model, drilling block volume, etc.

Calculating volumes by block model means that excavated/backfilled rock volumes are grouped by specific attributes based on quality and quantity characteristics.

Final pit and dump boundary design

No matter how complex your design is, the K-MINE Open Pit Design module is up to the challenge. A mine development project is a combination of numerous communication lines, crests/toes, roads, and many other things.

You can design final pit and dump boundaries, storages and transshipment facilities for mined rock, reclamation measures, and open pit and dump boundaries for a specific period of time.

K-MINE Open Pit Design Module: Streamlined Solutions for Mining Engineers 5
K-MINE Open Pit Design Module: Streamlined Solutions for Mining Engineers 6

Creation of Ramps

K-MINE offers a variety of options to create ramps. The fastest, easiest, and most flexible way to create a ramp is to run the Construct Ramp command.

Many parameters can be configured in line with your requirements and specific conditions. This way, you can quickly create ramps that meet all the criteria.

Final Pit Boundary Design

The combination of the Pit Optimizer and Open Pit Design modules in K-MINE delivers the optimal pit boundary with specific economic, mining, and engineering parameters and a detailed mine development design, stage by stage.

K-MINE Open Pit Design Module: Streamlined Solutions for Mining Engineers 7

Road Design

K-MINE provides flexible tools to design all types of roads in an open pit, e.g. along a centerline or based on elevations automatically averaged to obtain the best possible result.

Upon completion, the centerline is moved to the sides, according to the road profile.

Calculate Mined Rock Transportation

K-MINE provides tools to determine optimal traffic from a variety of options.

Enter the loading/unloading points and the traffic diagram to generate a full report on all potential options to reach your goal, from start to finish.

Mining Passports

Thanks to the flexible and customizable functionality and the snapping tools in the K-MINE environment, which are essential for design, you can easily generate mining passports.

You can also produce 2D and 3D drawings, no matter how complex they are, in the K-MINE environment.

K-MINE Open Pit Design Module: Streamlined Solutions for Mining Engineers 8

Automatic Open Pit Design

With K-MINE, you can automatically design open pits, dumps, and other elements of mining operations online.

A road ramp is constructed to the entire depth of an open pit. By changing the initial point of a road in an open pit, you can avoid having to construct it manually, again and again.

As a result, connecting two or more transport communications becomes simple and easy. Add U-turns to configure the sloping part of a road in any way you want.

The result is horizontally closed polylines, which you can work with later, for example, to create a wireframe, calculate volumes, or add limitations to the block model.

Frequently asked questions

What kind of licenses does K-MINE provide and how much are they?

K-MINE provides two types of licenses monthly or annual subscriptions and perpetual licenses. Please contact the K-MINE team to learn each module’s price.

What features does the K-MINE Open Pit Design module offer?

The K-MINE Open Pit Design module offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to optimize your mining projects. These include dynamic automatic open pit design, bench stack design, line design, 3D and 2D sections, volume calculations, road and ramp creation, mining passports, and more. In addition to the software, our Mining Engineering services team can provide expert support in areas such as project evaluations, mining strategy development, slope stability analysis, digital twin creation, and mine planning for open cast and underground mining.

How can the information be transferred from one module to another?

K-MINE is one stand-alone application with a single database, so no data transfer is necessary.  Different teams can have access to data according to their user rights.

Is K-MINE a cloud-based software?

No, K-MINE is a desktop application, however, upon request, our team can install access on the Windows server where we can set up a cloud infrastructure.