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Pre-Feasibility and
Feasibility Studies

where we employ rigorous analysis and innovative tools to evaluate the viability and economic potential of your mining project.
This phase ensures a practical, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible approach to your mining endeavor.

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    How K-MINE Helps During

    Pre/Feasibility Study

    Pre/feasibility study 3Finding the final contours of a quarry based on economic indicators
    Pre/feasibility study 3Estimate the size, grade, and extent of mineral resources using a combination of data from exploration, sampling and drilling
    Pre/feasibility study 3Determine the technical and economic viability of the project including a
    more detailed assessment of the resource estimate, mining methods, infrastructure requirements, and environmental considerations
    Pre/feasibility study 3Assess the reserves/resources of mineral materials

    During the Pre-Feasibility/Feasibility stages, K-Mine will help you determine the technical and economic feasibility of extracting minerals from a particular deposit.

    By using K-Mine you can evaluate whether a mining project is worth further investment and development.

    Related Modules

    K-MINE is a stand-alone application that covers most operational needs in the mining industry. Leveraging capabilities such as 3D modeling, resource estimation, and equipment management, K-MINE is widely used by companies of different sizes for open pit and underground mining. More than 5,000 surveyors, geologists, mining engineers, designers, and technicians utilize K-MINE modules and their solutions daily.

    PFS/FS Services

    We also provide consulting services for Pre-feasibility and
    Feasibility Studies and many of our experts are leaders in their fields.

    Initial Desk Study
    • Analyze geological data and previous research to assess the site’s potential for exploration and reserve growth.
    • Conduct audits of existing geological and historical data, including maps, reports, and other available information.
    • Develop a preliminary project description outlining the scope and objectives.
    Mineral Resource Estimation
    • Evaluate the quantity and quality of minerals in the deposit.
    • Comply with international standards including CRIRSCO, JORC, NI 43-101, and PERC.
    Pre-Feasibility Studies (PFS)
    • Evaluate the potential viability of the mining project.
    • Identify potential challenges and risks.
    Feasibility Studies (FS)
    • Conduct a detailed study assessing technical and financial feasibility.
    • This includes resource estimation, mine planning, testing, and cost analysis.
    Preliminary Engineering Design
    • Zone the open pit field to define mining areas.
    • Design the opening system and develop productivity schedules.
    • Develop road and infrastructure designs.
    Financial Analysis
    • Create an economic model including capital and operating costs.
    • Plan the payback period and evaluate financial indicators such as NPV and IRR.
    • Assess procurement and construction planning.
    Open Pit Mine Planning and Optimization
    • Determine optimal mining limits considering economic criteria.
    • Design the configuration of the open pit for maximum efficiency.
    • Develop pit phasing and scheduling to maximize NPV.
    Underground Mine Planning and Optimization
    • Design efficient underground mine layouts and extraction sequences.
    • Optimize operations for safety, production rates, and costs.
    Risk Assessment Evaluate and plan for technical, economic, environmental, and regulatory risks.
    Environmental Assessment
    • Assess the environmental impacts and ensure compliance with regulations.
    • Develop strategies for minimizing environmental footprint.
    Project Execution Plan
    • Develop a comprehensive plan for the implementation of the mining project.
    • Include detailed planning, scheduling, and resource allocation.
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