K-MINE Module

Grain Size

  • for mining engineers and experts in D&B design and analysis.
  • for other professionals responsible for D&B quality analysis.
Grain Size 1

Quality Analysis

With the K-MINE Grain Size module, you can analyze the quality of drilling and blasting (D&B) operations. Use this module for calculationing mined rock volumes and grain size distribution.

Based on the estimated amounts ofeach type of mined rock, you can easily reach conclusions on the blasting quality and introduce improvements, if necessary.

Grain Size 2

Photo Processing

The new K-MINE Grain Size module is designed to process photos taken by an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).

This can be useful for the analysis of grain size distribution not only in open pits, but also in warehouses and temporary storage facilities for mined rock, as well as in any hard-to-reach places.

Grain Size 3

Data Storage System

The array of rock fragmentation analysis data from D&B operations can constitute a structured data storage system.

You can always refer back to this data when needed and assess the blasting quality under specific conditions to inform decision-making.

Grain Size 4

Automatic and Manual
Rock Recognition

The K-MINE Grain Size module offers both automatic and manual rock recognition.

By configuring the filters, you can automatically recognize rock edges in in various lighting conditions.

If desired, you can always manually correct the results of automatic recognition.

Size Distribution Analysis

Where applicable, the K-MINE Grain Size module can perform a size distribution analysis of mined rock in dump truck bodies and excavator buckets or on conveyor belts.

This type of analysis is conducted on a statistical basis.

Size Distribution Reports

Following the grain size distribution analysis of rocks in the K-MINE environment, a size distribution report is generated. The data in the report are presented in tabular and graphical formats.

The collection and analysis of such data contribute to consistent improvements in D&B operations in an open pit.

Grain Size 5

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What kind of licenses does K-MINE provide and how much do they cost?

    K-MINE offers two types of licenses: monthly or annual subscriptions and perpetual licenses. Please contact the K-MINE team to learn about the pricing for each module.

    How can information be transferred from one module to another?

    K-MINE is a standalone application with a single database, so no data transfer is necessary. Different teams can access data according to their user rights.

    Is K-MINE cloud-based software?

    No, K-MINE is a desktop application. However, upon request, our team can install it on a Windows server and set up a cloud infrastructure.