Our Mission

We aim to combine the intellectual capabilities and scientific achievements to provide exclusive software solutions for the mining industry

How It Started

After getting his second PhD in technical science and becoming a professor, Volodymyr Nazarenko, started the development of his own software product. This way he was able combine the results of his research in the control systems of ore companies with his engineering skills, and apply them for the mining industry. The goal was to create a solution that could excel the foreign analogues that existed at that time.

In 1994, his product, K-MINE, was already used to solve surveying tasks, automate calculations and work with models in the graphic mode.

Later, K-MINE was joined by other technological prodigies of that time, who created our company’s own graphics engine that accelerated the operating speed of K-MINE drastically. Step-by-step, we were able to vectorize cartographic data and process two-dimensional and three-dimensional data simultaneously.

Once we started implementing K-MINE solutions into enterprise companies, we started developing geological, mining-and-technological solutions, by enriching them with scheduling, designing, economical assessment of deposits. That helped us to accomplish various projects in the mining-and-geological area.

K-MINE has been enhancing its toolset and functionality on a daily basis for the last 25 years. Whether it’s an application for various mineral deposits development, or operation management and trigger system alerts, we are now providers of one of the most well-rounded software solutions for the mining industry, covering all of the operational needs of open pit and underground mining. Today, K-MINE is used in areas of mining, industrial safety, ecology, and construction fields, earning the recognition of world’s top mining companies and their specialists.

Who We Are

We are a team of developers, mining engineers, geologists, surveyors, managers and many more.

Starting as a family business, and going strong after 25 years on the market, we know the importance of attention to the details, combination of speed, quality and affordability of the solutions. That’s why we are focused on deep understanding and satisfaction of the needs of our clients, and long-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect.