Our exploration services

Utilize advanced technology and extensive geological knowledge

to identify and evaluate potential mineral deposits. This crucial first step is essential for any successful mining project.
Let us lay the foundation for your success.

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    How K-MINE Assists in the

    Exploration Stage

    Mining Software Solution 4Search for Mineral Deposits
    Mining Software Solution 4Collect Data in a Geological Database
    Mining Software Solution 4Create of a Block Model
    of a Mineral Deposit
    Mining Software Solution 4Provide Mapping and Reporting

    K-Mine software will provide you with the necessary functionality for all operational needs at the exploration stage.

    From field modeling based on exploration data to resource estimation and reporting.

    Related Modules

    K-MINE is a stand-alone application that covers most operational needs in the mining industry. Leveraging capabilities such as 3D modeling, resource estimation, and equipment management, K-MINE is widely used by companies of different sizes for open pit and underground mining. More than 5,000 surveyors, geologists, mining engineers, designers, and technicians utilize K-MINE modules and their solutions daily.

    Exploration Services

    We also provide consulting services for the exploration stage and many of our experts are leaders in their fields.

    Initial Desk Study Before setting out, it's crucial to know what we're looking for. In this step, we collect and analyze existing geological data, maps, and reports to construct a well-informed background of the target area.
    Identify Potential Zones Employing a combination of data and expertise to pinpoint areas likely to harbour valuable mineral resources.
    Database Сreation We create a treasure map for your project by compiling all the important information, such as:
    • Stratigraphic Data: For insights into the layers of rock formations.
    • Geochemical Data: To understand the chemical properties and composition of the earth in the target area.
    • Geophysical Data: Analysing physical properties of the subsurface.
    Mapping Services It's easier to understand information when you can see it. We make various maps that show:
    • Isohypses: To represent elevations and understand the terrain's topography.
    • Isocontours: Highlighting specific attributes such as temperature or mineral content.
    • Horizontal Plans: showing the boundaries of the exits of various geological formations
    • Profiles: Cross-sectional views for depth analysis.
    • Combined Maps: Integrated views for a comprehensive understanding.
    Block Modeling & Scoping Stage Clarity through visualization is key. We create:
    • Technical Reports & Interpretation: Demystifying data.
    • Geological Assessment: Evaluating geological formations and mineral occurrences.
    • Economic Evaluation: Assessing financial feasibility.
    • Environmental Considerations: Ensuring sustainable practices.
    • Risk Factors: Unveiling and addressing uncertainties.
    • Competent Person Statement: An assurance from an expert regarding the veracity of the information.
    Mineral Resource Estimation Our crowning service lies in the estimation of mineral resources, done in compliance with internationally recognized standards, ensuring global recognition.
    We are adept in: CRIRSCO, JORC, NI 43-101, PERC
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