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Geological Services and Economic Assessment

Our expert geological team provides the critical data and analysis needed to understand and evaluate your deposit.

From 3D modeling to geostatistical analysis, we employ state-of-the-art techniques to help you make informed decisions about your resource. 

  • 3D Modeling of Deposits
  • Geological Mapping
  • Resource and Reserve Estimation
  • Geostatistical Analysis and Kriging
  • Compliance with Reporting Standards (NI 43-101, JORC, etc.)
  • Exploration Targeting and Assessment
  • Drillhole Planning and Management
  • Geotechnical Data Interpretation and Analysis

Engineering, Planning and Optimization

Our engineering team focuses on designing mines that are safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible.

From mine design and planning to environmental impact assessments and reclamation, we use cutting-edge technology and strategic approaches to optimize your mining operation. 

  • Detailed Mine Design and Engineering
  • Mining Method Selection
  • Strategic Mine Planning
  • Pit Wall Design and Stability Analysis
  • Cut-off Grade Optimization
  • Optimization Services
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Mine Closure Planning and Rehabilitation
  • Ventilation System Design (for Underground Mines)

Digital and Innovative Solutions

As the mining industry moves into the digital age, we are here to help with a range of innovative solutions.

We create digital twins of mine operations for improved decision-making, employ advanced analytics and machine learning to optimize operations, and design automated reporting systems.

Our services also include the integration of IoT devices for real-time monitoring, predictive maintenance systems, and cloud-based data management solutions. 

  • Digital Twins for Mine Operations
  • Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Automated Reporting Systems
  • Integration with IoT Devices for Real-Time Monitoring
  • Predictive Maintenance Systems
  • Cloud-Based Data Management Solutions

Services we provide for K-MINE users

K-MINE isn’t just software—it’s a complete eco system. We support our users every step of the way, from data digitalization and software implementation and customization to data preparation and transfer to K-MINE.

We also offer IT infrastructure installation and setup, develop report forms, provide staff training, technical support, and regular K-MINE updates. 

  • Data Digitalization
  • Software Implementation and Customization
  • Data Preparation and Transfer to K-MINE
  • IT Infrastructure Installation and Setup
  • Report Form Development
  • Staff Training
  • Technical Support
  • K-MINE Updates installation
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