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Industry Challenges K-MINE Approach
Become a partner 1Need to use multiple software solutions
Become a partner 2Covers all mining operation needs
Become a partner 1Problems with import/export
Become a partner 2Supports a wide range of files and data
Become a partner 1Scattered data
Become a partner 2Centralized single database with remote access
Become a partner 1Long-term commitments and fines
Become a partner 2Offers flexible subscriptions with no long-term commitments
What You Get as a Partner of K-MINE
Win/Win relationships
We want to change the market landscape and want you to be part of our team.
Regular trainings, special courses, webinars, seminars and certifications.
Prompt response to service requests.
Flexible and engaged team.

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50+ Companies Already Became Partners
of K-MINE!

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Customize our product for your client’s needs.
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Organize joint marketing events.
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Get access to information and technical support.
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Get access to innovative software for mining and exploration works.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of licenses does K-MINE provide and how much do they cost?

K-MINE offers two types of licenses: monthly or annual subscriptions and perpetual licenses. Please contact the K-MINE team to learn about the pricing for each module.

How can information be transferred from one module to another?

K-MINE is a standalone application with a single database, so no data transfer is necessary. Different teams can access data according to their user rights.

Is K-MINE cloud-based software?

No, K-MINE is a desktop application. However, upon request, our team can install it on a Windows server and set up a cloud infrastructure.