K-MINE Module

Stability Analysis

  • for experts in open pit bench and wall stability.
  • for professionals responsible for rock mass movement monitoring and stability margins.
Stability Analysis 1

Stability Analysis Using Block Models

With the Stability Analysis module, you can perform various stability analysis operations, including stability assessment of dumps and open pit benches/walls in the homogeneous and heterogeneous rock mass, using a geomechanical model.

Stability Analysis 2

Pit Wall Stability Analysis – Hard Rocks

Using the K-MINE Stability Analysis module, you can explore the stability of a wall section formed by hard rocks with different physical and mechanical properties based on structural occurrence patterns.

Stability Analysis 3

Stability Analysis – Loose Rocks

Moreover, with K-MINE, you can calculate the stability of wall and bench sections formed by loose rocks with different physical and mechanical properties, with a consistent pattern of structural occurrence.

The deliverables are stability factors and graphs showing sliding wedges.

Stability Analysis 4

Seam Block Model

For stratified deposits, you can use the force polygon method for a heterogeneous environment and a block model for stability analysis.

Internal and External Dumps

With a three-dimensional graphic model of a dump, you can assess the stability of dump slopes at the design stage.

In addition, the module can draw a line with a recommended slope angle based on the user-defined stability factor.

Calculation methods include:

  • Algebraic addition of forces
  • With foundation uplift
  • Force polygon method for a homogeneous environment
  • Force polygon method for a heterogeneous environment
Stability Analysis 5

Frequently asked questions

What kind of licenses does K-MINE provide and how much are they?

K-MINE provides two types of licenses monthly or annual subscriptions and perpetual licenses. Please contact the K-MINE team to learn each module’s price.

How can the information be transferred from one module to another?

K-MINE is one stand-alone application with a single database, so no data transfer is necessary.  Different teams can have access to data according to their user rights.

Is K-MINE a cloud-based software?

No, K-MINE is a desktop application, however, upon request, our team can install access on the Windows server where we can set up a cloud infrastructure.