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Our mining consultancy services cover a wide range of operations throughout the USA. We specialize in harnessing the potential of local geologies, navigating regulatory landscapes, and maximizing market opportunities. Trust our team to optimize your mining operations for success.

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    Mining Consulting

    With over 30 years of experience in the mining industry, our team at K-MINE offers unparalleled expertise and a robust suite of consulting services. Our staff includes Qualified Persons (QP), recognized under international standards, ensuring that all projects meet rigorous professional and technical criteria. Whether you're estimating mineral resources, conducting feasibility studies, or needing technical due diligence, our experts are equipped to deliver top-tier guidance and actionable insights.

    Mineral Resource Estimation

    PEA Preliminary Economic Assessment

    PFS Pre-Feasibility Study

    FS Feasibility Study

    Definitive Feasibility Study

    Detailed Mine Design

    Technical Due Diligence

    Pre-Purchase Evaluation

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