The software solution for managing company infrastructure

The software system is developed to help you to create and update online electronic maps of industrial sites, build three-dimensional models of industrial site elements, maintain a database for semantic information on industrial objects.

The software solution for managing company infrastructure

The software solution for creating and updating online electronic maps containing infrastructure facilities. Functions and capabilities:

Maintaining map information about industrial zones, including buildings, engineering and transport communications, etc.

3D-modeling of buildings, structures, and other elements of the site plan

Export and import of vector data from/to other formats

Provisioning and using the database of semantic information

Using specialized objects according to the legend in case of electronic mapping your industrial zone

Using various cartographic data, such as images from tablets, airphotos, and other, as well as texturing three-dimensional objects

Applying results of surveying and geodesic measurements, laser scanning and aerial photography

Performing measurements, calculating volumes and areas

Creating sections and profiles, constructing contour lines of topographic surfaces

Searching on the map and in the database

Bringing properties and outlines of objects to a specified scale

Support and conversion between various coordinate systems

Collaboration of users’ groups, different access levels to information for users

The software solution for managing infrastructure facilities. Your benefits:

Always relevant and reliable information on the actual state of industrial facilities and the situation on the industrial site
Tracking the performance history of infrastructure facilities, collecting data for a working period
Technical audit, inventory, certification, and accounting of production infrastructure facilities
Planning of infrastructure development, repair works, and modernization
Creating the basis for schedules of preventive maintenance of communications and structures
Application Examples
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3D-visualization of cartographic data Creating three-dimensional models of buildings and other structures
Three-dimensional modeling of technological objects
Combining information about the industrial site and the situation of mining in a single graphic and informational space
Combining cartographic data on objects with semantic information Informational visualization
Changing graphical object representation depending on semantic information
Combing different information about the object with the option to link to files of various types Simultaneous view of various object data
The tree structure of layers for convenient work with graphic objects Combining map data with data from aerial photography or Google maps

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