Webinar: Influence of Road Construction on Mining Projects

Date: June 7th
Time: 10 AM EST (3 PM BST)

Join us for a dynamic and informative webinar exploring the significant impact of road construction on mining projects. This event will delve into how road infrastructure shapes the efficiency and safety of mining operations, influences economic outcomes, and addresses challenges in the field. We’ll also discuss innovative approaches to constructing and maintaining effective roads within mining sites, enhancing both operational capabilities and project sustainability.


  1. Introduction and Overview
  2. Classification of Road Types
  3. Key Aspects of In-Pit Road Construction
  4. Technical Specifications for Pit Roads
  5. Simplifying Road Creation with K-MINE
  6. Effects of Horizontal Flat Spots
  7. Economic Impact of Road Infrastructure
  8. Common Challenges and Their Solutions
  9. Final Thoughts and Conclusions

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your knowledge and expertise in the field of mining road construction. Join the conversation and connect with industry experts to gain valuable insights and practical advice.

Where to Watch:
On Linkedin: Click here // On YouTube: Click here