Webinar: Economical Assessments in Mine Planning with K-Mine

Date & Time: December 22nd, 2023. 3 PM GMT / 10 AM EST

Delve into the world of efficient and cost-effective mine planning with our upcoming webinar on “Economical Assessments in Mine Planning with K-Mine.” This session is tailored for mining professionals, engineers, and financial analysts in the mining industry who aim to enhance their skills in strategic mine planning and economic analysis using K-Mine’s advanced features.


  • Optimal Pit Boundaries Defining: Uncover the techniques to define optimal pit boundaries, ensuring maximum resource extraction while minimizing environmental and economic impacts.
  • Long-term Scheduling: Explore strategies for effective long-term scheduling that aligns with both operational efficiency and financial viability.
  • Financial Modelling: Dive into the intricacies of financial modeling in mining projects, focusing on cost analysis, revenue projection, and investment return calculations.
  • Equipment Calculation: Learn about the precision in calculating and optimizing mining equipment needs to balance operational costs and efficiency.
  • SP Balance Control: Understand the significance of SP balance control in mine planning, ensuring that material supply meets processing plant demands efficiently.

Where to Watch:
On Linkedin: Click here // On YouTube: Click here