Are you considering investing in the mining sector? This recording provides crucial insights into the reliability of exploration data, the interpretation of geological models, and the evaluation of mineral resources. You’ll also learn about financial risks, infrastructure considerations, and the legal aspects of mining projects. Enhance your understanding and make informed investment decisions.


  1. Validity and Reliability of Exploration Data (sample analysis, geophysical studies, mapping, etc.)
  2. Geological Model and Interpretation of Mineralization Zones and Ore Content
  3. Mineral Resource Evaluation and Technical Boundaries Determination
  4. Behavior of Mineral Forms during Enrichment Processes
  5. Financial Risks in Project Profitability Analysis
  6. Infrastructure and Logistics (proximity to railways, roads, ports, power lines, water supply)
  7. Utilization of Marketable Ore or Concentrate in Deposit Evaluation
  8. Legal Documentation (land rights, mining licenses, environmental and proximity regulations)
  9. Inclusion of All Factors in Resource-to-Reserve Conversion (hydrogeology, environmental impact, mining conditions)
  10. Potential for Further Exploration and Resource Expansion