Do we use our own data or there is a link to your data?

We are using our own data

How slope stability is optimized?

In the Pit Optimizer module, the slope angle is set as initial data, it must be previously calculated in the Stability Analysis module

What about other components such as al2o3,sio2?

We can take into account data for several components, both useful and harmful

KMINE using LG algorithms?

K-MINE uses the PseudoFlow algorithm, which is much less time-consuming than the LG algorithm for a large number of blocks

Does it use an irregular block model? Do it handle full block model ( topography, waste, and ore in one block model file)

K-MINE: Pit Optimizer works with a regular block model, which can account for topography, ore, and overburden in a single block model

How is the data obtained? Does it integrate with other platforms or SW? How is it integrated?

Almost any block model of another platform can be integrated into K-MINE using the csv format. Most of the volumetric objects that are used in the calculation are also imported into K-MINE

Can it use both mining cost adjustment factors and process cost adjustment factors?

The user can control the formation of costs, either using data from forms or using the built-in formula editor. In the second case, you can specify any cost formula for your deposit

Can we automatically generate conceptual pit strings from the shell?

K-MINE contains many functions and procedures for geometric modeling of objects of volumetric, planar, and linear dimensions.

I’m a student at California State University Fullerton, where can I get training for this software?

Visit our web page and leave your contact information and we will get in touch with you. Alternatively, use our Linkedin profile

How is the coefficient derived?

The coefficients are entered by the user on the appropriate form (scenario)

How long does it take to create pits shells on average?

It depends on the complexity of the field and the detail of the block model. On average, the calculation takes 3-6 minutes

Do you have a mining direction tool?


How can we assess the effect of change in slope angle on production?

Simulating pit builds with different slope angles in one scenario

Can you include stockpiles and optimize their use?

For different deposits, at different time intervals of their development, different stripping ratios can be taken. In the Pit Optimizer module, this factor is set as input.

What algorithm is used within the slope stability module? Limit Equilibrium? stress analysis such as FEM, etc,?

We use the theory of limiting equilibrium

Do you use the concept of a variable and optimized Cut-Off Grade?

Different slope angles can be set for different areas of the field and for different types of rocks

Can you include stockpiles and optimize their use?

When calculating a mining sequence, ore volume can be separately used as an objective function. Then the calculation optimizes the use of stocks at all time intervals.

Can you use an expression to calculate the cost of haulage from block to plant position with ramp angle fixed?

In the formula editor, the user can define various variables and functions that bind them. Then the calculation of indicators will be carried out taking into account the characteristics of your field.

What level of intervention allows the algorithms to adapt them more closely to reality

It is possible to set various tuning parameters and use the K-MINE graphical environment for geometric transformations of objects

What are your licensing options?

We have different types of licenses: internet(available for subscription), dedicated(life-time license), and USB licenses

Has it any compatibility with AutoCAD like if we used it before AutoCAD and we want to change from AutoCAD to K-MINE?

You will not lose any original data, they will all be imported into K-MINE, which contains all the necessary options