First one is an Upgrade of the Constraints task. The “=” sign is added to the mathematical operator drop-down list in the Condition column. This sign defines the XOY plane constraint type and keeps visible blocks, centers of which ones, lie in the corresponding plane.


The mechanism for importing data into a geological database is now simplified.


The Import Electrical Resistivity Tomography Data task is developed.


Construction of Seam Block Models. The Seam Block Model special object, which helps simulate seams of various capacities, more precisely due to the complex block shape, is developed.


Creation of Seam Block Model. The task for constructing a block model of seam deposit is developed. This task helps construct a block model by blastholes, without using wireframe modeling. When you construct a seam block model, the tectonic dislocations, seam alterations, soil overburden layer, dislocated rock areas, and other features are considered.