Event by K-MINE at PDAC 2024 - "Investment Roadmap in Mineral Resources"

Join us for a focused session on mineral resource investment, hosted by K-MINE during the PDAC 2024 Exhibition. This event is designed for professionals interested in understanding the key aspects of mineral resource investments, including risk assessment, opportunity identification, and the economic viability of projects. Attendance does not require a PDAC ticket, but pre-registration is necessary.

Featured Topics

Introduction & Market Overview: Setting the stage with a look at the global market and K-MINE’s pioneering approach.

Pre-Purchase Asset Evaluation: Delving into the essentials of assessing potential investments, including risk identification and resource estimation.

Post-Purchase Development: Strategies and insights for maximizing the value of mining assets after acquisition.

Technological Investment Feasibility: A glance at the future, examining the role of technology in enhancing mining operations and profitability.

Event Details

When: Sunday, March 3, from 2 PM to 6 PM EST
Where: Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Room 206F
Registration: Open for everyone. Advance registration is required to attend.

Why Attend
1) Get an overview of the market and learn about K-MINE’s approach to mineral resource investments.
2) Understand the stages of pre-purchase asset evaluation and post-purchase development.
3) Learn about the impact of technological advances on the mining industry.
4) Network with peers and experts in the field.

Invited Guests

Zenon Potichny, President at CUCC, discussing the Ukrainian mining sector.
Pierre-Jean Lafleur, VP Exploration at Voyager Metals, on project development stages.
Matt Azzopardi, EMEA Sales Director at Worldsensing, on technological innovations.