K-MINE: Surveying as an Inevitable Answer to Current Mining Realities

Surveyors take a great part in the mining process. They accumulate and gather measurement and marking data while searching for mineral deposits and constructing mining enterprises and underground structures. 

The accuracy of their data also really determines safety of the mining operation and effectiveness of planned indicators. That’s why in our module, K-MINE: Surveying, we used the latest technology and created instruments to make surveyors’ work as efficient as possible. 

Our module contains fully-featured surveying tools, and it works with all types of laser scanners and remotely piloted aircraft to enhance the mining surveying reliability. For example, K-MINE can automatically load the point cloud of different format and process it while using remotely piloted aircraft and laser scanners. 

This way our solution makes the information about the surface survey more qualitative, and it also helps to obtain high-quality and detailed data on the mining operation position within a short period of time. The surveyors can use this data for tasks like verifying survey recalculation on volumes for a certain period of time, revealing violations related to the rock mass stability, monitoring pit wall and mine working states, and many others. They are able to see changes in mining operations over time, by overlaying several surveys, and can also benefit from 3D model data that allows surveyors to make more weighted decisions, like in case they need to perform reserve calculations.

All of these functions not only help determine things like the volumes of shapes of any complexity, geometric shapes, and shapes with splitting volumes for excavation and backfill, but they are also extremely straightforward and user-friendly. Also, all the volume calculation methods are ruled by the most recent regulations and surveying instructions.

Each of K-MINE’s modules gets upgraded every quarter or even more frequently and our surveying module is not an exception. In the recent updates, K-MINE enhanced the functions for geometric task solving of arbitrary complexity, so now the surveyors can construct missing objects, including edges, lines, slopes, using the specified line and angle parameters. We also improved our positioning system, interactive multiversion outlining, splitting and smoothing of curved sections, spatial orientation in the required direction, in regards to the conjugation and alignment of spatial workings.  Now when users create a survey module in K-MINE, the software helps them to outline mined areas of the deposit, determine the current situation, display volumes and completeness of mineral reserves extraction, and perform safe mining.

Besides the volume calculation of extracted and mined-out reserves and their movements, K-MINE also offers improved functionality with comprehensive analytics tools. They come handy, when users need to do the comparative analysis of planned and actual data on the mine or analyze mined rock left in stockpiles and dumps over time, etc.

K-MINE also has lots to offer for the surveyors who maintain drilling and blasting operations. We added several built-in functions including numbering and ordering of drillholes, detecting and removing duplicate objects, multi-mode outlining of blocks and their certification, etc. Our blasthole survey templates help to determine and record flaws in drilling operations. Based on this information, users can generate the corresponding certificates and reports.

Overall, implementation of the K-MINE: Surveying module at mining enterprises dramatically enhances the accuracy of significant and qualitative change of the structure while maintaining a single surveying database. For instance, all mining enterprise’s engineering services can add and edit data in a single database, process and construct surveys by objects in the K-MINE graphical environment. 

Overall, the K-MINE: surveying helps to:

  • Improve the accuracy of volume calculations and mineral quality;
  • Control the precision of mining operations;
  • Reduce related material expenditures.

All of these functions combined make our powerful software product an excellent solution for surveying data processing, operation modeling, and achieving significant economic benefits. And having an option to configure shared access with differentiation of user rights and set up the remote work keeps K-MINE solutions up with the challenges of the pandemic.