Mining scheduling is the most important factor that depends mainly on the competitiveness of mining enterprises.


Scheduling involves the mine planning for a certain period. It is essential to understand that you can schedule your business success within a timeframe of several years. Intelligent scheduling transfers the future to the present time. It helps make weighted decisions to manage enterprises successfully, determine the project direction economically and technically, and increase the real value of assets.

That’s why it is crucial to choose the correct software that supports in reaching advanced and variable scheduling goals. The primary purpose of scheduling is to maximize profit and return on investment considering all limiting mining factors.

The K-MINE: Scheduling module is a powerful functional tool for technical experts of various levels. It is widely used for mining scheduling, technical-and-economic risk management to obtain the notable economic effect. This module helps in creating a strategic plan and choosing the most efficient direction of open-pit mining. Calendar schedules created in this module allow you to determine how to use production capacity, labor force, and natural resources efficiently.

The mining scheduling technology developed by K-MINE includes flexible and convenient adaptive tools that let you adjust the scheduling step by step at different time intervals, depending on the operating conditions of each specific mining phase.

Using the K-MINE software, you can quickly simulate deposit mining, going through the IF-THEN scenario. This module can reproduce various situations based on limiters, such as production volumes, prices, etc. It retrieves status information about mining operations on the spot in a year, in five years, or until the end of the open-pit workings. The modeling helps visually simulate a real-life scenario but accelerates multiple times. You can create several different strategic scenarios and evaluate them according to your long-term goals. If the results obtained after the analysis are insufficient, you can change the model based on the needed optimization and rerun the simulation.

The K-MINE software offers a valuable advantage of the simulation modeling with probability factors existing in the real world. After all, the simulation model verifies the liveness of the created plan and helps calculate many scenarios.

The software features cover all time intervals such as long-term, current, and operational scheduling and its corresponding mining structure. Process automation, calculation multivariance, high speed of result obtaining, data conversion between different software products, its fluency, and convenient data display—all of these combined, immensely reduce the time needed to get required preliminary scheduling results.

Let’s take a closer look at the K-MINE key scheduling features at each time interval.
The long-term or strategic scheduling solves two main tasks: construction of optimal pit boundaries based on technical and economic factors and determination of the mining sequence. The volumes are calculated for a closed shape (or a solid) of an excavation block. The function to create the boundary quickly without any additional points is updated. All the tasks run as rapidly and adjustable as possible. There is also an option to work out the scenario for long-term deposit mining.

The current or calendar scheduling helps consider the deposit features, the range of equipment at the enterprise, the movement scheme of various rock types from loading to processing or concentrating equipment through stockpiles or transshipment points. Therefore, the module takes into account the technological mining features of the open pit. For better visualization, the module offers wireframe modeling. As a result, you as an expert get several mining calendars based on various criteria such as ore quality and volume at factories, production profitability, and uniformity of equipment workload for different time intervals.

The operational scheduling gives graphical and tabular-digital information about mining programs for weekly daily shift periods. The data on the monthly mining program can be used for end-to-end technological production scheduling, as well as operational scheduling and transport dispatching.

The option to optimize calculations, exchange data with dispatch systems, and perform economic calculations makes scheduling an indispensable helper of the experts.

Therefore, the K-MINE: Scheduling module helps to enhance mining operations and evaluate potential deposit costs. With its usage, mining enterprises can easily simulate processes considering the required economic factors.

The many years of experience show that by choosing K-MINE: Scheduling module, the users can reach the following benefits:
— maximize their current profit by comparing variants of mining operations with considering economic criteria,
— determine the rational direction of mining operations and increase the value of assets,
— improve the quality and cost of finished products,
— reduce equipment downtime,
— create open-pit mining calendars and shorten the time for decision-making.

Nowadays, the importance of automated planning is evident for any enterprise. With the K-MINE: Scheduling module, minerals can be mined both to earn the maximum profit and exploit them fully.

Using this module, you can plan the economic efficiency of the deposit, calculate capital investment options, and manage potential risks. As a result, you have a unique opportunity to predict the development of mining operations reliably, make quick adjustments, control investment, technical and economic risks, and follow the implementation plan.