K-MINE: Raising the bar of design experience in mining

The mining process carries many risks that can lead to significant losses if there are mistakes during the preparation process. For example, even a tiny error in calculation can remove extra overburden, which leads to additional costs and losses for a mining company, and can trigger tragic accidents on the site. Historically, this downside of the mining industry is caused by inaccuracy of stability calculations, inefficient monitoring of the mining conditions, and failures that include geological, geotechnical, economic factors. 

Removing the human factor and maximum automation of all these processes triggered “The Fourth Industrial Revolution” almost ten years ago. Since it was initiated, K-MINE was very diligent about its new and old functionality to ensure our 3D modeling, extensive data analysis, and implemented horizontal and vertical integration have complied with the latest standards of Industry 4.0.

Fortunately, our 25+ years of experience allows us to optimize powerful technology and equipment efficiently to provide the best software solutions for open pit design and pit wall stability calculation. The K-MINE modules “Open Pit Design” and “Stability analysis” are cornerstones of this process, as they ensure the highest economic indicators of mining operations. Also, our exclusive algorithms allow the design of an open-pit of any complexity and morphology regardless of its location. 

As K-MINE provides an “all-in-one” interface, all the data, whether tabular, textual, or graphic, is organized in a single array. For example, for 3D modeling, we created all the necessary tools to build open pits, dumps, and different infrastructure elements so that engineers can work in one digital space. Additionally, our users can exchange with GIS and CAD systems to create digital twins of a production facility and design and manage the deposit life cycles.

To help manage tasks between different departments, we created a “Scheduling module.” Even though the initial goal was to provide more accurate calculations and forecasts of the mining works, the module also enhanced information exchange on the site. Currently, the “Scheduling module” significantly contributes to the efficiency of the engineers’ work and the overall production boost of the company. 

As we mentioned earlier, one of the critical steps in open pit mining is an accurate calculation of the pit wall stability. In addition, it’s essential concerning human hazards and understanding what type and how much of the equipment can be used on the site.  

That’s why our module “Stability analysis” contains our proprietary formulas that can analyze open-pit structures and dump heights accurately in just a few clicks. Once a user sets the section with specific boundaries, the module generates geological and surveying models. From there, they use K-MINE’s equation to process survey data with determining rock properties of the pit wall, so in the end, engineers can see the section’s visualized data on the stability parameters with highlighted unstable parts. 

All of the modules mentioned above are enriched with user-friendly perks like a customizable interface to improve team performance and a straightforward documentation preparation process. For instance, all the calculation results can be filtered and put into the reports generated based on the input information. Additionally, we recently improved the existing features, creating one format to meet the standards and regulations of the industry. Also, we added a set of templates that helps users create graphic documentation, eliminating even more possible errors.  

Altogether these functions and features give mining companies unique advantages and opportunities to take over urgent projects without compromising the quality of the process.