Mining Engineering

K-MINE has significant scientific and production experience. We have implemented hundreds of challenging projects for open pits and mines worldwide. We provide solutions for all types of solid minerals at any stage of the deposit life cycle. Therefore, we developed an innovative and distinct methodology of reserve estimation, scheduling, design, and mining operations control. Our approach is to carefully research and analyze the data and use the best methods while creating digital twins with the help of K-MINE software. Our competence and experience allow us to provide an unbiased evaluation of mineral reserves, extraction, and processing technology. K-MINE team identifies the most efficient way to implement the project by creating technical and economic models. Detailed reports help to optimize boundaries and determine the scope of mining operations, considering the allied risks and economical indicators.
  • • Scoping, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies
  • • Mining method analysis and selection
  • • Digital Twins’ Creation
  • • Development and implementation of optimal mining strategies
  • • Development and production scheduling including sequence optimisation
  • • Mine planning reviews and technical audits
  • • Drill and blast design
  • • Fragmentation analysis and draw control for caving operations
  • • Ventilation system design
  • • Pit slope stability analysis, 2D and 3D modelling and design

Audit and Report

We have vast experience analyzing and managing risks in mining operations, turning them into gains and strategic advantages. K-MINE provides an approach that helps manage the internal risks of mining projects through permanent data audits. Such verifications help to exclude inaccurate information and rely on up-to-date data. Project risk management is performed at the pre-project, design, and project implementation stages. We use simulation modeling in K-MINE, and each stage has its unique system of risk management evaluation. K-MINE team evaluates geological, engineering, technological and ecological risks. Our reports contain comprehensive recommendations on mine plan optimization considering economic criteria and limiting factors.
  • • Risk analysis
  • • Project reviews
  • • Competent person reports
  • • Independent expert reports
  • • Mine Operational Audit
  • • Digital Transformation
  • • Government Reporting

Resource Modelling and Estimation

Our geologists have extensive experience in exploration, geological database management, resources estimation, digital modeling, geostatistics, and mining assaying data. Our experience helps to provide a wide range of exploration and research activities. We perform geological operations from exploration to the total depletion of the deposit reserves. K-MINE team grants a precise estimation of mineral reserves and their qualitative composition. We have vast experience in the evaluation of prospects for additional exploration, reserves increasing, financial and economic analysis of projects, and risk management. Our reports are based on precise calculations using digital twins. They enclose complete information on the current state of production, an independent assessment of the investment attractiveness, and the resulting solutions to maximize the involvement of minerals in the development. K-MINE team preparing mining and geological audits using CRIRSCO, JORC, NI 43-101, PERC, and other recognized codes.
  • • Exploration and database management
  • • Creation of 2D and 3D geological, structural and mineralisation models
  • • Statistical and geostatistical analyses
  • • Resource estimation, classification and reporting for all stages of projects from scoping studies through to feasibility studies and operating mines

Mine Reclamation and Closure

Early scheduling of reclamation activities is essential to avoid negative environmental consequences and social liabilities. Based on various governmental regulations, mining projects are committed to develop a reclamation plan settled by significant funds. Also, an industrial closure plan could not be implemented without the direct participation of stakeholders. That's why we are helping to handle all the technical investigations considering expenses and requirements to prepare the desired technical drawings. Our team can track and control closure activities to ensure reclamation on time. We are fully committed to sustainable mining principles, helping companies to minimize the outcomes during mine closure and land reclamation. Our services include engineering works, mine and tailing dump design to allow owners to use reclaimed lands in the future.
  • • Waste characterisation and geochemical assessment
  • • Soil cover design
  • • Reclamation design
  • • Landform engineering
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