Open Pit Drill & Blast Solution

Drill & Blast Design
Open Pit Drill & Blast Solution

The software system with functions developed for drill and blast design for open cast mining operations

Open Pit Drill & Blast Solution
Flexible system for initializing source information for project design

Initial survey information for the design of the drilling unit

Initial geological information for the design of the drilling unit

Initial project information for the design of the drilling unit

Automatic calculation of the actual parameters of the drilling block
Automatic construction of security zones and placement of security posts for a mass explosion in a quarry
Automatic creation of reports

Table for calculating borehole charges

Tables for drilling masters

Drilling passports

Blasting passports

Drilling holes passports

Passport for crushing of oversize

Other documents

Analysis of D&B operations and maintenance of documentation

Preparation of certificates on the defective grid and the depth of actually drilled wells

Assessment and calculation for secondary blasting

Accounting for drilled and blasted rock mass (by blocks, sections, quarries)

Building common contours of previously blasted drilling blocks along the horizons. Creating a "whole model" of the surface

Creating an annual blasting schedule

Project creation

Options for well grids: rectangular, oblique, "chess", irregular

Building of a combined geological and surveying sections along arbitrary lines
3D design and visualization of drilling projects
Preparation of documentation for drilling operations
Creating and maintaining the reference lists of explosives and initialization tools
Working with drilling machine positioning systems
Executive diagrams of the actual position of drilled wells
Design switching of the explosive network of drilling blocks of complex configuration
Creating an explosion passport for blocks of various configurations
Designing the placement of wells: vertical,directional,coaxial
Designing the placement of wells and drilling units of various configurations
Calculation of switching of the explosive network of several drilling blocks
Automatic construction of mass explosion safety zones in a quarry

Visualization of the switching process and automatic search for block breaks

Simulation of switching processes and calculation of mass explosions

Monitoring the removal of mining and transport equipment from dangerous zones
K-MINE Metrics

Production level boost

by 23%

Raising mining output

by 10-12%


software cost reduction

Engineering calculations time cutback

by 40%

Inside the app:
Three-dimensional visualization of assay data and their statistical analysis
Automated creation of grade columns based on geological drillholes
Automated creation of sections using block modeling on the arbitrary plane
Software tools to create concurrent geological-and-surveying models
Creating and updating 3D-models for mineral deposits based on geological drillholes
Wireframe modeling of mineral deposits
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