The software solution for geologists

The software solution for geologists

The software system for geological structural 3D-modeling of mineral deposits of various complexity and morphology

The software solution for geologists
Application of Geological Workings Database
Google Maps And Google Earth Tools in K-MINE

Data Export From K-MINE to Google Earth

Data Import From Google Maps Into K-MINE

Geostatistics and Kriging

Variogram Analysis

Defining Ellipsoid Parameters

Grade Interpolation
(IDW, Kriging, NN method)


Grade-tonnage curve. Swath plots​
Statistical Data Processing & Correlation Analysis
Faults Modeling
Automated Geologic Section Creation
Cubic Block Modeling
Mineral Resources And Reserves​ Reports

(CRIRSCO Template)​

Vectorizing Cartographic Data
Implicit Modeling
Resistivity Graphics Calculator

Data Interpretation of Electrical resistivity Tomography

Seam Block Modeling
Cubic Seam Block Modeling
Geological Reporting Documentation

Ready to Print​

K-MINE Metrics

Production level boost

by 23%

Raising mining output

by 10-12%


software cost reduction

Engineering calculations time cutback

by 40%

Inside the app:
Three-dimensional visualization of assay data and their statistical analysis
Automated creation of grade columns based on geological drillholes
Automated creation of sections using block modeling on the arbitrary plane
Software tools to create concurrent geological-and-surveying models
Creating and updating 3D-models for mineral deposits based on geological drillholes
Wireframe modeling of mineral deposits
Creating and managing the database containing information about geological drillholes. Creating 3D-models of drillholes
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