Drill & Blast Design
The software solution for drill and blast design

The software system with functions developed for drill and blast design for open cast mining operations

The software solution for drill and blast design

The software solution for drill and blast design is a set of tools that help you to:

Automate creation processes for drill projects (row design, blasthole spacing, parameter calculating, etc.)

Calculate automatically required parameters for drill blocks (numbering, depth, overdrill, incline, etc.)

Create and manage data sheets for drilling and blasting works (for different depths, blasthole diameters, and explosive types)

Perform models and 3D-vizualization of blastholes and work with them

Exchange data with drilling equipment for quarries, open pits, and mines

Define parameters for actually drilled-out blocks (defects by depth, blasthole numbering, etc.)

Calculate blasthole charges for drill blocks

Keep records of drilled-out and blasted mined rock

Design and automatically calculate switching assemblies, define breaks in a block by mass blasts, etc.

Define and visualize different hazardous areas

Visualize blasts of drill blocks in the open pit

Generate tabular and graphical documentation for large-scale blasts

The software solution for drill and blast design. Your benefits:

Design and calculation of drilling blocks of any complexity, considering special features of technological operational methods and mining-and-geological conditions
The option to determine forecast parameters of a drill block to be blasted at the stage of its design
The option to exchange data with position control systems for drilling rigs, dispatcher's offices, and other systems
Planning and monitoring security facilities in each hazardous area
Correction of blasthole models according to actual drilling data
Significant reduction of total time required to design drilling and blasting works
Optimization of drilling and blasting preparation of rock mass; improving the quality of blasting processes
Application Examples
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Creating drilling projects with automatic row and blasthole spacing according to data sheets from the system
Creating charge switching lines in the course of blasting design
Visualization of intervals for drilled blastholes by calculating the charge
Automatic building of sections along an arbitrary line in the course of block designing
Blast simulation considering the specified delay time for borehole charge blasting and the fly-rock speed
Calculating and creating safety zones for simulating a large-scale blast in the open pit

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