Live Stream: Digitalization Of Drill & Blast Operations

Join our live stream on April 9th  to learn more about K-MINE: Drill&Blast module and discuss actual industry challenges!

Live Stream: Digitalization Of Drill & Blast Operations

Join Event: https://www.linkedin.com/events/digitalizationofdrill-blastoper6780623026049306625

Join Live Stream: https://youtu.be/DkmwvbY_bEg

Guest: Adriano Espeschit (Brazil)
J.Mendo Consulting
The importance of the automation process during the Drill&Blast operations highlights the main challenges.


  • How Drill&Blast module is connected with other modules in K-MINE
  • Drilling projects of any complexity
  • How to transfer information to the drilling rig
  • How to obtain information about actually drilled wells (wellheads, depths, indicators of energy consumption of drilling)
  • How to obtain high-quality geological information and its refinement based on drilling data
  • Drilling unit charge design
  • How to work with mixing and charging machines
  • Massive explosions management(calculation of safe zones, control of the displacement of people and equipment)
  • Blasted rock mass analysis
  • The single base for the analysis of Drilling & Blasting operations

Guest: Pierre-Jean Lafleur (Canada)
Comparison K-MINE to other solutions

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