The Goal

K-MINE continues implementing new technologies and upgrading solutions for the mining industry.
Shooting for to make a difference, we want to share our expertise and knowledge with future generation of mining professionals!

80% Discount for
any Module
Free Support and Q&A sessions for PhD
Free Trainings for
All Universities PhD (Doctors**) and students
Yearly master classes
from K-MINE Engeneers

Industry Challenges

Absence of well-rounded solutions

Too many programs that solve different problems for mining industry

Incompetibility of programs formats

Scattered Data

Unreasonable pricing politics

Long-term commitment

Our Solutions

End-to-End Software Solution

Seamless import/export of most of data formats

Single database with remote access

Flexible subscription with no commitment

K-MINE is built by Engineers for Engineers
People who built K-MINE have a huge experience with
Creation of 3D digital
Consulting and design
Customization due to
client's needs
Mining hardware
Resource estimation
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